Our Home To-Dos

I was really trying hard to come up with a creative title for this list, but with no luck came up with “dream home to-dos”. That is what it is, so if you aren’t bored already with the name, feel free to look at our dream to do list for our home. I’ll break it down by room – and as we complete things we’ll check them off and add links to blog posts about them.

Our house is really livable just the way it is, no major reno needs to be done – the most work can be found in the kitchen. But after living in our blah “can’t paint, can’t hang stuff on walls” apartment, we sooo want to make it our own.



  1. Replace roof
  2. Buy a lawn mower to cut the grass
  3. Replace wood siding with aluminum for easier maintenance (hoping in 2016)
  4. Paint exterior siding and trim a different color, still deciding what would work best
  5. Replace door for one with more privacy, but in the meantime, try this contact paper effect (done, see here!)
  6. Improve the landscaping with bulbs and perennials (thanks HBF!)
  7. Purchase Garden Tools/Hose (Thanks Mom & Dad!)
  8. Re-stain deck (see here)
  9. Re-stain, paint or take down the fence
  10. Patch holes in siding from Mr. Woodpecker 🙁

Living Room

  1. Paint the walls a grey color (done!)
  2. Buy a couch (see it here!)
  3. Paint wood trim white
  4. Paint vittsjo a yellow color and accessorize them (see above)
  5. Find and buy a coffee table/ottoman
  6. Find and buy a media/tv table with storage
  7. Make curtains (thanks mom!)
  8. Decorate the massive walls…just need to fill the frames!! (photos coming soon)
  9. Paint subtle stripes along closet (see here)
  10. Paint fireplace white
  11. Make this mirror to hang on fireplace
  12. Find an old ladder to store blankets like this
  13. Find a bright yellow patterned rug (see here)
  14. Replace fan with a light.
  15. Entry way – replace tile with faux wood tile to match kitchen

Kitchen (see inspiration here)

  1. Paint walls a green/blue/gray color
  2. Add MDF board trim to create shaker style cabinets
  3. Paint cabinets white, paint trim white (see progress)
  4. Add knobs and pulls to cabinets
  5. Create larger island and use as table
  6. Tear out ceramic tile and replace with dark wood floors (purchased + repurchased!)
  7. Get new countertops, probably laminate but would love a solid surface
  8. Get bar stools, currently loving these from a school supply store and paint yellow
  9. Paint a chalkboard wall
  10. Add curtains
  11. Accessorize
  12. Add pendant lights, under cabinet lighting, add pot/can lights and swap out sink light
  13. Add light grey penny tile as backsplash (purchased!)
  14. Replace sink and faucet
  15. Paint ceiling
  16. Adjust electrical outlets behind backsplash

Family Room (see inspiration here)

  1. Paint top of walls a blue/teal color
  2. Add white wainscotting to lower half of walls
  3. Paint existing door trim & doors white
  4. Get a new couch
  5. Hang up curtains
  6. Accessorize and decorate the room
  7. Add credenza I already have, but need to re-stain it
  8. Add a colorful and fun geometric rug

Master Bedroom (see inspiration here)

  1. Paint the walls a dark green/teal/blue color (see here)
  2. Add white bedding (bought!)
  3. Find curtains (see here)
  4. Paint trim white
  5. Organize our closet
  6. Add wall decor
  7. Replace ceiling fan with a chandelier light (see here)
  8. Stain and refinish nightstands (see here)
  9. Add a leaning mirror

Upstairs Bathroom (see inspiration here)

  1. Hang new shower curtain (see here)
  2. Paint walls light gray (see here)
  3. Add colorful accessories and rugs
  4. Create shaker style cabinets and re-stain them a darker color
  5. Replace flooring with gray penny tile
  6. Replace shower tile with new white subway tile and remove the step up to the bath (we re-grouted it in the meantime because it was real bad!)
  7. Pick out a less blah mirror and/or frame existing
  8. Replace countertop and sink
  9. Paint trim white
  10. Remove existing ugly towel bars and replace
  11. Create new towel bar and hang (just need to fill holes)
  12. Swap out electrical outlets for white ones

Office/Upstairs Bedroom > Turned Nursery
See all photos of finished nursery here

  1. Paint walls dark charcoal Grey (read about it here)
  2. Hang curtains (found these duvet covers from Target)
  3. Find rug (reused from our apartment)
  4. Paint dresser yellow – like the matching desk
  5. Paint trim white (read about it here)
  6. Add crib
  7. Paint ceiling
  8. Hang wall decor
  9. Purchase rocking chair
  10. Add bookshelves
Guest Room
  1. Paint
  2. Set up bed and dressers
  3. Hang curtains
  4. Add a few accessories
  5. Paint trim white
  6. Decorate the walls
  7. Refinish dressers
  8. Add a headboard
Downstairs Bathroom
  1. Paint walls a light green/sage color
  2. Hang some shelves above toilet & decorate
  3. Paint trim white
Laundry Room
  1. Paint walls to match our ironing board (see here)
  2. Swap out Washer and Dryer with New (Thanks Drew’s Mom!) (see here)
  3. Add little storage
  4. Set up Eddy’s space in there
  5. Paint cabinets and trim white


  1. Buy dehumidifyer
  2. Buy ladder and garden hose
  3. Replace furnace… it’s 22 years old too
  4. Replace some interior doors with something like this
 Don’t worry… I’m sure lots more will be added to this list!

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