Striped Walls

So a few weeks ago, four to be exact, on a Saturday I finally took it upon myself to paint our striped walls with my mom’s help.

This was a fun little project that only took 4 hours total and didn’t create a huge mess like our other recent projects. I’ve seen this effect done numerous times on blogs, pinterest and in magazines – so I read up on a few tips to help.

Basically, first you measure the wall and calculate how many stripes you can do, or how many you want. We decided to also keep our stripes all the same height (so you have to account for this with taping). We used a ruler and a level to make sure our spacing was equal and straight, it got tricky as you turn corners or have a big door to compensate for. We only taped for the areas where we were going to paint white, so the areas where the grey is staying looks smaller, but you have to account for the space hidden by the tape. We also marked those areas that were staying gray, just to avoid any possible mistake with the paint!

Three coats of Behr Paint + Primer in their Ultra Pure White in Eggshell covered it well enough and luckily the Frog Tape held up to it’s promise and came off smooth. I’m now a fan of that green stuff! Check out the photos I took during the process and shortly after with my iphone.

Once I removed the tape I noticed there was a slight raised edge on the painted areas. I had to laugh because that was exactly the problem we dealt with in our spare bedroom. I texted a photo to show my dad, his reply…Do unto others as you would have them do to you! So true… so true.

And because I actually cleaned the other day, here are a few photos I snapped to show you the stripes in their full glory. Love ’em.

And when I said I cleaned in order to take these photos… I lied. I only cleaned up that tiny area, as you can see from this more wide-angle photo, and I wanted to show you all the other patterns in the room. I heart mixing patterns.

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