Kitchen Reno: Update

Things are starting to pick-up with our kitchen reno and I finally feel like we are making progress! I’ve been snapping photos here and there of the process and wanted to share a little update on what we’ve all been doing and dreaming about! Sorry this post is all over the place…

Cabinet progress: The cabinet frames and 8 doors are 100% done being painted. Another 15 doors are 65% done, and a few others are like 25% done. So we’ve just got to finish up painting, and then attaching hardware (new knobs/handles, but we spray painted the hinges to match the same satin nickel finish on the knobs/handles) and rehanging them up. I am SO excited for that part!

Stool Progress: Our stools arrived! I spent one morning assembling them and then testing them out in our kitchen, then an afternoon sanding and deglossing, and another afternoon priming them. Next up is spraying them yellow!

Floor Progress: While we haven’t ripped out anything yet, my goal would be next weekend is when we tackle that. I’d really like to get it torn out before Drew leaves for China for two weeks (sad face). In other news, I changed my mind on the flooring, no surprise there. We originally purchased bamboo flooring from Home Depot back in November, when it was $1.99/sq foot. It was brand new at the time and thought we’d scoop it up while it was a great deal. Come to find later that it’s not real great of quality (hence the price) and now that it is not so new, the reviews aren’t that great. Soo we’re attempting to return it tonight since it’s un-opened and they still stock it + pick up this engineered flooring that my sister and brother-in-law installed back in February which is holding up great despite my crazy niece.
All else: It’s still a complete disaster in our house, no surprise there! I just keep telling myself that it has got to look worse before it can get better.
Through all this craziness, I keep reminding myself of this photo which shows our goal for how the kitchen will all come together. I LOVE all these bits and pieces so much and it will be worth it in the end!

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