Ikea Shopping

I love Ikea. I could live there – really who couldn’t? They even have bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more set up for living. Yea the TVs and Computers might not work but still they’ve got a lot going for you already. So this past Saturday Drew and I went down to see our friends Serah & Gabe in Kenosha. Since we were half there already, we figured we’d add another hour to our driving time to visit Schamburg, IL.

We arrived at opening (10am) – did some exploring and got their awesome 99 cent breakfast, Drew even said you couldn’t even buy all those items at the grocery store for 99 cents. The main reason we went is because we are thinking of getting the Karlstad sofa sectional for our living room – I’ve seen it on a lot of blogs recently and I love the fact it’s got modern lines to it, the grey color, and it’s slipcover, meaning you can wash it. I really love the set-up and layout of Young House Love’s Karl sofa, as they call him.

young house love huge sofa ikea karlstad

My goal for this trip was to get Drew to fall in love with it. Right after sitting down he said it himself, I really like this one. (SCORE!) We also tried out a few other couches because we’ll need to eventually get some new ones for the family room. Here are a few others we liked.

Also while we were there, we wanted to check out the Vittsjo pieces. I’d recently seen them done in numerous ways via Pinterest and was wanting them for our new house. We were all ready to get them when we got down to the lower level – and saw the box was 100in long. Yeah, that definitely won’t fit in our little scion. Luckily my parents were up in MN near that Ikea over the weekend and brought home two of the pieces we wanted – just one more to get next time we bring a larger vehicle.

I’m hoping to paint those yellow, like the photo below from Centsational Girl, as long as that goes with our color scheme in our living room – still got to figure out the vision for that room.
colorful vittsjo shelving

Overall our trip to Ikea was a success, even though we ended up only buying ourselves cinnamon rolls that time – but we’ll be back! Funny: when we got in the car to leave I discovered this facebook post Drew posted – that kid! The trip wasn’t that bad, no idea what he is talking about! 🙂

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