Emerald’s Third Birthday

Can’t believe our sweet little girl is already three years old (seriously, I want to cry – probably also the pregnancy hormones!). For her birthday we stuck with our favorite traditions… a gold number balloon, donuts for breakfast, doing a fun activity for a large chunk of the day (the beach this time!), go out to lunch (Em’s favorite – Blaze Pizza), opened presents which included a Jessie Doll, beach chair and Daniel Tiger pjs. We ended the day by heading to church (which she also loves), Chick-fil-a for dinner and the beach for ice cream right before bed! Overall I think she had a great day, and we’re so lucky to be her parents! We love you little Em!


We decided to celebrate Em’s 3rd Birthday party with family and friends over Memorial Day weekend since extra family was in town. Since Em LOVES unicorns, we did a unicorn themed party. Grammy made Em a special cake, we had a piñata, and all her favorite friends came. She still talks about her unicorn party today.

Emerald’s 2nd Birthday

We can’t believe our little girl has turned two years old! To celebrate we both took the day off. We started with birthday donuts, balloons in her crib and room and opening presents. We then headed to Wirth Park waterpark and our cousins joined us for the fun!

Then Blaze Pizza for lunch and then home for a nap! We ended the night with pizza and mimi and papa’s with family again and running around in the backyard with the barbie jeep.

The next day we celebrated with family and friends with an “under the sea” birthday party!

Em’s First Haircut

It was time… to ditch the baby mullet! Even though her hair in the front still isn’t caught up, we needed to do a little maintenance trim to help. It’s got a little bit of a random wave/curl to it sometimes so it kind of looks like a hot mess most of the time, unless we put pigtails in, which is our go-to hair.

Thank you aunt Becky for taking time out of your crazy life to trim Em’s hair, we appreciate it and she enjoyed the snacks 😉 Hopefully it keeps growing in the front and we’ll eventually trim it again to hopefully even it out.


January 2016 Recap

Last year I did a 365 day project where I took at least one photo a day (with a few skips and make-ups here and there), and I loved doing that last year I’m sort of continuing this year but I don’t feel bad if I have to skip a day or two because we are just too busy with other things. So instead of posting weekly, I’ll post monthly with a few other posts here and there.

We’re also hoping to do a few DIY projects this year which I’m going to try to post about as well… Happy 2016!

The Zoo in January

We experienced a heatwave this past weekend, 40 degrees in January in Wisconsin usually doesn’t happen, so we headed to the zoo for a morning out of the house. We mainly hung out in the buildings but stopped by a few of the outdoor animals who were active.

Tradition: Christmas Cookies 2015

It’s a tradition we started when we were newly married to bake Christmas sugar cookies and spell out the year. This year it was a little harder with a 18 month old running around our feet the entire time, but we tried to snap a few photos! Though this year we had to decorate them a few days later…

2015 – Year in Review

How is it already December already? It seems like we all were just making our new years resolutions and our little baby was still immobile! 2015 was pretty great for us, we made it a priority to create family time, no matter where we were – at home, at the park, or at the beach. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Drew – He’d describe his year filled with intense, fast paced projects at Milwaukee Tool and lots of homework while he works on getting his masters at Marquette. He also traveled to China twice this year, but is always glad to come home!

Vanessa – Focused on improving her photography this year and launched her own photography business during the summer. She’s also works part-time as a graphic designer at an e-commerce company.

Emerald – She learned to eat real food, crawl, walk, talk and well has turned into a little human and is no longer quite a baby. She keeps us on our toes, but are so thankful for how much joy and laughter and craziness she brings to our home. Some of her favorite things this year were: the beach, walks, swings, splashing water, bubble guppies and trying to take ornaments off the tree.

We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

St. Nick 2015

St. Nick brought a out a lot of different emotions of this little 18 month old. We had just visited jolly ol’ st. nicholas for breakfast the day before which did not end well, so once she heard he stopped by with gifts, she was not too thrilled, lol.

Though the real reason for her various moods was her double ear infection we found out she had a few days later, poor kid!

Halloween 2015

Our fall fun list included: going to a pumpkin farm (check), carving pumpkins (check), and now trick or treating (check x 3). We went trick or treating three times this year actually – once at the zoo, once at Daddy’s work and another time in our neighborhood, just real quick up and down the court we live in. Emerald’s baby friend Amelia even came as a chili pepper, we named them Sweet n’ Spicy.