Cornhusk Green – Bathroom Update

Cornhusk Green – the hardest paint color to photograph in the world! We officially painted the final room in our home – the spare bathroom that’s located downstairs. This bathroom was super nice when we first moved in, since the sellers had recently updated it with a new floor, shower, toilet, vanity, mirror and lights. What they didn’t do was paint – well actually they did, but they did a horrible job!

The must have patched some walls up, but failed to smooth it out and add sand texture, plus another mistake was them painting it all in a high gloss. High gloss + imperfections = not so pretty. And on top of it, it was a peachy cream color that really looked terrible once we painted the trim white.

Our main inspiration was this photo here… that I’m sure most people have seen on Pinterest. We loved the green with the dark woods and white. It was very spa to us.
So we headed to Home Depot, got a few paint samples and decided on Cornhusk Green by Behr. I first realized it would be impossible to photograph when I tried taking a photo of the swatch to show my family – looked like a yellow/tan/puke color, yuck. You can also see the color varies below in the photos, so if you really want to see the exact color, I guess you’ll just have to come over!

But before we could paint, we wanted to help camouflage the imperfections in the wall. So we applied a sand texture Рand wow, looked a million times better. Then, went on the paint (in an eggshell finish) and wow, now a billion times better!

I’m still finishing up accessorizing, but then this baby is done! Here is the nice checklist of our progress…

  1. Paint walls a light green/sage color + add sand texture
  2. Paint trim white
  3. Hang some shelves above toilet & add a few more accessories
  4. Re-seal grout to keep it looking nice

Check out the other progress on our home here + let me know when you want to come visit and see our house, specifically this crazy wall color!

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