Moved In!

It’s official! We’re moved into our new house and have given over the keys to our old apartment and it feels great! However, it was a LONG weekend.

I took off three days from work just to get things done, along with my dad, mom, and sisters’ help**. Drew also rallied up his friends to help do the grueling move (special thanks to all those troopers). What also made the move successful is the truck that my work let us borrow – with that we were able to get everything we owned in one trip.

So here is a quick list of what we did prior to moving in – and I’ll share some photos of the current status of each main room. FYI, we have moved in, but still have tons of unpacking to do, so please look past the crazy amount of clutter and boxes and lack of stuff finished. This is progress people – to see what we plan to do in each room, see our Home To-Do List.

Wednesday: Closed at 9am and after headed over to the house to slap on paint samples. Ran to Home Depot with my mom to get the finalized colors. Painted the Kitchen, the Master Bedroom ceiling, and the laundry room.

Thursday: Painted the Master Bedroom walls, upstairs bathroom, hallway and the ceiling in the Family Room. We also cleaned a lot of the spaces as well as got our new washer and dryer installed – (thanks Barb)!

Friday: Moved a bunch of little oddball stuff that wouldn’t fit in the big moving truck easily – while my mom and dad finished up painting touch-ups, the family room (top part) and the chalkboard wall in the kitchen. We also moved over Eddy during the day. Then at night was the BIG move and our first official night sleeping at our new home.

Saturday: Cleaned the apartment like CRAZY because we had the walk-thru at 3:45pm. Then basically crashed on the couch and went out to Chilis for dinner to celebrate and because we were too tired to cook.

Sunday: Church in the AM, then did some more organizing in the afternoon, but didn’t feel like we made a dent to our massive pile. Drew also cut the grass with our new mower.

Overall a successful week/weekend and we’re soo happy to be here!

**A HUGE thanks to my parents for their crazy amount of help getting our home ready, we seriously couldn’t have done it without them and their expertise in painting, wiring, drywall patching, and more is priceless. I know I have woken up everyday this week since Wednesday feeling like I got runover by a truck, and I can only imagine they feel the same way. Love you guys!

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