The In-Between / Work-In-Progress

It’s a mix of cra-cra at our casa at right now, and is literally driving me nuts.

Exhibit numero uno: Re-grouting our main shower. The original grout was very cracked (and missing in some places) and was begging for some TLC. So while that is underway, I’m trying to embrace it the best I can, but having to shower in our spare bathroom… means I zombie walk down two flights of stares upon waking up. This morning I totally tripped over some old trim while making my way to the shower –  I was this close to lodging a nail in my foot.

Exhibit numero dos: Our family room, aka Drew’s chill space, is torn up because we are adding board and batten to the lower portion of the walls. And when I say “we” I mean my dad, but I did help paint the majority of those boards, I have the calluses on my hands to prove it. So even Drew’s precious Xbox is unplugged and has a barney blanket over it (gotta protect those precious electronics)! That also means I have to share my chill space (the living room) with him. Please make fun of me for this, but I even have him rotate around our couch, in fear of massive saggy butt marks in the fabric and on the cushions. Hey, I’m protective of my space, especially because everything in that room is brand spankin’ new.

And here are the photos to prove it, though not sure why anyone wants to look at the mess we call home… so if you don’t want to see them, just scroll down 🙂

In addition to projects that we’re in-between on, is some decorating things that I need to finish up. For instance, I had Drew hang a few things like this mailbox, photo frame, and to make & mount a mason jar to the wall for flowers. So literally the frame is hung without a photo in it yet. And I have yet to make this mason jar contraption.

Also, these awesome bookshelves I got for Christmas from my parents are now assembled in our living room, however I realized I have to now accessorize them with things that match throughout the room. I did some digging and didn’t come up with much from existing decor. My goal is to hit up goodwill looking for things I can spraypaint to match the color scheme and tie in the yellows and whites. But we all know you can’t spraypaint outside in Wisconsin in the winter, so that will probably have to wait 🙁

And what about this trim painting that I started doing, say in October? Yea I have zero motivation for that now, but if you take a look back at my 2013 goals, it’s on there. So I’ve got to tackle that at some point! (And I realize I need to update our “before & in-progress” photos).

The goal is to have a lot of our projects wrapped up by February 1st (minus the major projects we haven’t started, like the kitchen) because we’ll be hosting a life group every other week. So I’m using that as motivation, I’m totally using that as a way to keep the house clean too. This shall be fun….

2 thoughts on “The In-Between / Work-In-Progress

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  2. So I was looking through all the cool posts and saw that Mason Jar Contraption… Our friend made those! Thought that was ironic. This is an awesome site by the way.