Coral Lovin – Guest Bedroom Progress

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some progress on our house! Mainly it’s because we haven’t been doing that much, up until the past few weeks. I finally had our house all clean again for our lifegroup (that actually got cancelled last minute, but still forced me to clean) so I figured it would be a great opportunity to share an update on the progress!

The guest bedroom has gone from flesh colored walls to gray and wood trim to white painted trim white, besides the inside of the window (to be finished this summer). Next, I purchased a bunch of coral decor: curtains, pillows, bedding and accessories (all mainly from Target). I also made the two floral pillows out of napkins. Assembled the room and presto!

The last step was actually hanging the curtains – which involved ripping out the hems in both panels to get every single centimeter of length I could since since the window was very high for the space and the only option was to hang it above the window. Success – They started at 84″ and I got them to about 92″ once I re-hemmed them.

So now, here is what we have left to do before we officially call it “done”…

  1. Paint the walls grey
  2. Set up bed and dressers
  3. Hang curtains
  4. Add a few accessories (half done)
  5. Paint trim white
  6. Decorate the walls
  7. Add white bookshelves into cut-out areas
  8. Refinish dressers
  9. Add a headboard

PS check out the progress on our entire house here…Our Home To-Dos

2 thoughts on “Coral Lovin – Guest Bedroom Progress

  1. I really like the coral with the bedford gray. We have that color in our house and I love, love, love it! Over here from YHL. Off to explore your site!

    • Aw thanks, I’ll be sure to pay a visit to your blog as well and check it out! 🙂