Emerald’s Nursery

It’s been eight weeks since we finished the nursery the day before she was born and I snapped most of these photos (some I snapped today that shows her newborn photos in frames)… and it’s crazy to look at these photos and reminisce about the day before she was born which almost was the day she was born, since contractions started before my scheduled c-section.

It’s also crazy to think that I tried to edit these photos that night as I sat through so many painful contractions but decided to give up and go into the hospital. I had my to-do list and was determined to cross “post nursery photos on blog” off my list, but having a baby you learn you go with the flow, and things change.

We love her nursery… and not only did she need to love it (ha) but I needed to as well, since I spent a lot of hours logged here as she nurses. I love staring up at the photos of her when she was about 5 lbs (she’s now 8.5ish) and thinking back to those first few weeks…

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9 thoughts on “Emerald’s Nursery

  1. Just found you on insta! What a sweet space you have created for your baby girl! Totally in love with the bold & playful palette. (& Emerald is such a stunner!)

    • I wish I knew, but I don’t remember (so fail on my part incase we ever need to retouch it). It was a behr color.