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Another weekend = another project checked off the list. However this weekends’ projects will be coming soon, this is what we did a few weekends ago + a little work last weekend.

You all know the story about the striped walls. Well, we finally finished painting the walls after doing all sorts of stuff to them including re-mudding, sanding and texturing. I also began the not-so-fun task of painting baseboards, window frames and trim in that room, which will eventually carry through-out the whole house.

This was my first time painting trim, and I decided to not listen to the guy at Home Depot and glad I didn’t. When I asked how to do this task, he said I should sand, prime and then paint. I decided for this little room as a test room, I’d just try the Behr Paint + Primer and see how it worked. I figured I’d need more than one coat, but I would also need to prime one coat, then paint one coat, so either way I figured it would equal out. For the baseboards, I did one thinner coat, then the next coat was a nice thick one and that has proven to work perfectly. I did try that on the door frames and windows, but I think the wood  is a different type and newer, so it has taken 3 coats, and is probably in need of one more final one to hide any bit of wood grain. I have yet to officially finish that room’s trim on the window and door, but the baseboard are done 🙂

I also hung these cork circles I got from Ikea – their main purpose is a hot pad for the counter, but I liked the shape of them and will use them as an inspiration board for when I work up there doing some freelance. I also started hanging some of the paper lanterns and flowers that tie in with the room, however since I’ve taken the photo, I’ve finished hanging them, and some have fallen. I obviously need to figure out a better way to hang them.

To do still….

  1. Paint walls dark charcoal Grey
  2. Hang cork board inspiration wall
  3. Paint trim white (almost done)
  4. Hang curtains
  5. Find rug
  6. Paint dresser yellow – like the matching desk
  7. Hang stuff on the walls

There is still a lot of organizing that needs to be done in this room, but at least it is in an ok state right now! More photos and progress to come!

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