Project: Add Privacy to our Front Door

Yay! One project that is done in it’s entirety. It feels like so many projects in our house are unfinished, so it feels really good to check one off the list for good! And it looks way better than what white blinds looked like.

This project spanned over the entire week, but put the finishing touches on this past weekend. On Tuesday, I began cutting out the million little shapes. Somehow when I was first calculating how many I’d need I got 43 – yea way off, there are actually XX on the door now. Each night I would cut more and more out until Saturday when I started applying them to the door.

I then kept cutting more and more until I had just enough, I even got Drew to cut out eight of them, go teamwork! The project overall was pretty easy, my hands just got tired from the scissors and lining them up on the door is a bit tricky, but I eventually realized this is a hand-made project and it’s not going to be perfect and it adds some character not being perfect. Though from a-ways back you can’t even tell, then it looks perfect! Only when you are up close examining it do you see some spaces a bit wider than others.

The best part of this project, it only cost me the amount of a roll or contact paper ($3 ish) – and I have over half a roll left for some other project down the line! The project was inspired from this blog – and she’s got lots of tips and even a template to use (which I did).

Love how this adds a subtle pattern to the space (inside and out) plus its way more attractive than blinds and adds privacy, which is needed for that door! Yay contact paper!

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