Cheaper Ice Cream – Saving $

The word on the street is that we have started to save up to buy a house. And that is true. Saving for a down payment is daunting at the moment, and we’re trying our best to see where we can save a bit of moolah. We keep a close eye on our budget thanks to Dave Ramsey and Mint, but we know there are other ways we can adjust our lifestyle for a time period to save even more. We’re hoping to share with you some ideas and tips we discover along the way.

I (Vanessa) absolutely love Culver’s custard – it is by far the best ice cream out there. My favorite is to get 1 scoop of chocolate custard in a dish and then mini m&ms sprinkled on top. However, eating ice cream from a fast food joint ain’t cheap – no sir. That little treat can easily cost $3 a trip + then Drew usually gets something, which then equals $6. And while a little splurge here and there is nice – I’ve discovered a cheaper route. While it’s not as yummy as Culver’s, I do sleep better at night.

ice cream savings aldis culvers m&ms

Every other week, I go to Aldis to stock up on the necessities, PS if you haven’t tried Aldis, you are throwing your money away. Each time I go I pick up a small carton of their Chocolate Ice Cream ($2.62). Then about every other week or two, I visit our Walmart food center to pick up the items that Aldis doesn’t have. There I pick up a bag of Mini m&ms ($3.00 ish). So for a total of $5.62 I get about 10 small bowls of my favorite ice cream, instead of $3 each time. Plus one bag of the mini m&ms last more than with just one gallon. I’d say you have to buy more m&ms every 3 or so gallons. Do the math, and you can see that it is cheaper to opt for the DIY ice cream 🙂

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