Backsplash Sneak Peek

We got a chance to start the backsplash while we had off work for Christmas and New Years! I totally forgot to whip out my nice camera during the process (since I was helping and all) but here are some few shots I took with my iPhone.

So here is the process of putting up the tile with pre-mixed thin set… grouting is next!

We love it so far. It seriously makes our kitchen look so rich and I’m sure this project will increase the value of our home a lot! And to think, this tile cost under $100! Also, one of my favorite parts so far is how little waste we had, since you can pop off penny rounds if you noticed an imperfection and replace with a perfect one, or when you cut them in half, you could use the other half elsewhere. Here is our pile of “waste”… which were ones that broke while trying to cut them in half. Not bad!

2 thoughts on “Backsplash Sneak Peek

    • It’s from The Tile Shop – Penny Rounds “Moss”, they look green on their site, but they are gray in real life!