Opening House-ing

This past weekend, we went to our first open house ever! We aren’t to the point yet where we are pre-approved for a loan, so we didn’t want to get involved with a¬†Realtor¬†quite yet. We still want to explore some houses to get a feel for exactly what we want. We are leaning towards a split-level where it has two large living spaces. That way when Drew has his buddies over – they can go to one and I’m not trapped to the kitchen or bedroom. We also like the idea of when my large family comes over – we can send the kids to one space, and the adults can hang out in another.

I found a house I liked, and saw it had an open house on Sunday, so I convinced Drew to go. We pulled up and I being nervous, but excited, to start this process tried to get him to leave. But I’m glad we went in and got to see it. It’s a VERY nice house and I think it would work for us perfectly! The few things we would have to consider first are: other houses to explore, the location (it’s a bit further into Pewaukee), and Drew had an issue with the fridge opening up into the island. Here are a few photos from the listing:


Obviously we have other things to do before we can begin the real home buying process. First, we are attending a First Time Homebuyers Seminar in July. Then we’ll save up a little more for a downpayment. Then we’ll get pre-approved, and then we’ll find a realtor and get cracking. Besides this one, we have a few other houses “favorited” on the Shorewest App – that I watch like a hawk, hoping they continue to stay Active, and no ActiveWO or Pending! Fingers crossed!

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