First Mother’s Day #momlife

We celebrated my first mother’s day yesterday. Drew knows my love language is acts of service so he accomplished some of the yard work I’ve been wanting done for awhile (yay) and Emerald napped great (another yay). Drew also got me the book Capturing the Moment since I’ve gotten pretty passionate about capturing Emerald’s every waking moment with my camera

Emerald and I also celebrated Mother’s day with my mom and sisters by going out to eat and getting some Culvers. Overall it was a great day and am thankful to be this little girls mama.

Oh, and how is motherhood? Oh the mom life…

This first (almost) year of motherhood has been a roller coaster! To say it hasn’t been the hardest thing I have done would be a lie. Emerald was/is a great baby, so it’s not like she’s a terrible child, it’s more that it was a huge adjustment for me.

I documented my first thoughts about motherhood after one month in a blog post. And so grateful I did that – it was raw and honest. I’m glad I can look back now and remind myself of how far we’ve come 10 months later. Ten months later I’m so thankful for her. She’s taught me a lot, how to be more patient, selfless, be fun and silly and what unconditional love is. Seeing her get so excited to see me after I’ve been away for the day or in the morning when waking is one of the best feelings ever. To be needed feels amazing, though I know as time goes on she will need me less and less.

Motherhood today has become second nature, you learn to roll with whatever comes, even if it means no naps in a day. Being flexible is key. Sometimes I think when we finally feel like we’ve figured it out, God reminds us that we don’t have it all together and teaches us that we still need him by throwing another curveball our way, but for that I’m grateful for his grace and love. It’s so crazy to think about his unconditional love for us – just like how I love Emerald despite her throwing ALL of her food on the floor – so crazy.

It’s a crazy journey to be on, this motherhood thing, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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