Penny Tile is In – Bathroom Reno Update

I haven’t shared an update on our bathroom reno progress in a while. Last you knew we had just removed the moldy drywall. Well since then we’ve hung new cement board in the shower, tiled the shower¬†with white subway tile, grouted the shower and caulked the shower (which I’ve shared on instagram). Glad that part is done!

Now onto the floor… This past weekend we tore out the linoleum flooring (two layers of it), removed the toilet, installed new cement board on the floor and laid the penny round tile. This was the tile I won from The Tile Shop’s pinterest contest last year.

Tiling was fairly easy, especially since we had installed it already on our backsplash and had just done the shower tile as well. We’re basically pros now (ha). Luckily we were able to borrow two pairs of my dad’s knee pads, but even so I was still very sore the next day. I was all for tiling too on my hands and knees since that is supposed to give the baby extra room in my belly and maybe allow her to turn head down (she’s currently breech). But my doctors appointment on Monday confirmed that nope, she’s just stubborn.

Anyways, here are some photos of the process and how it’s looking, plus you can get a peek at the finished shower.

Eddy is even loving it…

Next up is grouting which we are hoping to do sometime during this week on an evening since I may be out of town next weekend if my sister has her baby. I’m also working on painting the vanity doors since my dad added the trim to them.

Just six weeks left to go!

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