Moodboard | 2013 Goal Progress

I’m happy to report I’m making progress on a few of my goals for 2013.

I really want do a completely new site for myself to drum up more freelance projects. Part of that involved a new mac, yay! However, that also meant a new Adobe Creative Suite to purchase, boo. So instead of buying the software up front (over $2000), I’m trying out their Creative Cloud ($29/month) which gives me access to ALL adobe programs. While in the past I’ve only bought what I needed to complete my work, I now have access to brand new programs, which I’m hoping inspires me to learn a few and expand my knowledge. One of them being Muse – while I know how to design websites in Dreamweaver, Muse promises to do the same yet in a InDesign styled application and eliminates knowing code.

While I need to play around with Muse a bit before I can master it, I figured I might as well try to re-do my site by using Muse. Before getting full fledged into Muse, I need to come up with 1. A mood board, so that I know the design direction this site will go, and 2. I want to mock it up all in photoshop first and then recreate in Muse. I know this might seem backwards, but since I know Photoshop way better, I can quickly get my dream site laid out before heading over to Muse and am completely lost for a bit while I learn.

So step 1 is complete, introducing my mood board (above). A moodboard really helps set the tone for the site, I felt really lost until I had it clearly laid out and how it would look together. If you compare it to my current site, you will see the similarities. I feel like this is completely my style still. What I did to confirm my design and style is, I headed on over to my pinterest account. In there I took a look at trends in home style, design, and fashion that I’ve pinned… stripes, floral, primary colors, etc. From there I could tell my style was still dead on, so I embraced the color scheme and patterns.

Next up, my site designed in photoshop, then translated to Muse! I’m hoping as part of my etsy shop launched, I have options for people to have me customize their blogs similar to this. I’d come up with a moodboard for them, and then translate that to their blog.

One thought on “Moodboard | 2013 Goal Progress

  1. It must not be just your generation because I am WAY older than you and I love to read blogs too. I read mostly cooking, photography and devotional ones and one to keep me up to date on what my adorable niece is up to. Good work, way to go…I always enjoy seeing your style (even if it isn’t necessarily mine!) Love your new home. Love you, Aunt Brenda