Bathroom Reno – Officially Started

We officially started the bathroom reno project a few weeks ago! This project has been on our radar since day one, but we wanted to tackle the kitchen first. And now with our baby girl arriving in June, we want to cross this off our list before she’s here (we plan on doing NO projects this summer!) So we finally decided we needed to start this. If you forgot, here is the “look” we’re going for that I posted awhile ago (with a few things tweaked)…

 We first started by removing the vanity doors and priming + painting the cabinets (we took the doors to my parents to get the trim added and will prime + paint those later).

We also primed and painted the second bathroom door (connects to our master bedroom). We’re actually replacing the other main door (along with others throughout the house) so that is why I’m not bothering to paint it.

Next up was to remove the awkward step that was right in front of the shower. I’m sure the builder added to to make it more “grand” but it was just all wrong. #1 – You couldn’t put a normal bath mat there since the step wasn’t wide enough, it would just slide off. #2 – You step down into the shower. Stepping into a wet tub from up high just screams wiping out (thankfully we haven’t done that, but it was an accident waiting to happen). #3 – It took up some legit floor space.

The only thing was we were unsure if there was some sort of reason for the step, but after tearing it open yesterday, we’re happy to report it was just wood and there were no dead bodies 😉 I thought that would have been the perfect opportunity for the builders to put a time capsule in there, but nope.

Drew used his handy dandy tool, aka a rotary hammer, that he borrowed from work, and the whole project (tearing out + clean up) took about an hour. Now we just have to work on getting the caulk and glue off the tub.

Next up is tearing out the tile in the shower surround. Please send prayers our way that nothing surprising is found back there that requires lots of $$ and time. We’re hoping to just rehang dry wall + tile away!

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