Open Housing Again

Yesterday was another dreaming day. While Drew and my dad were golfing for a missions charity event for LifeChurch, my mom and I went to two open houses – as well as explored some neighborhoods. This might be dangerous, but I can easily picture Drew and I in almost any house I see – not sure if that’s good or bad. And then I get attached to homes and then I have to “break up” with a house when someone buys it šŸ™

Here is the first house we visited, which is in Clover Ridge in Sussex. We like this locationĀ becauseĀ it’s right off of 164, so it’s quick to get to all the shopping in Pewaukee. This home was a bit out of our budget, but we figured we’d still check it out. While it’s an amazing home – this one isn’t for us. Mainly because it doesn’t have those two separate living spaces. Also, because it was priced above our budget – and it was priced to sell with a lot of showings, meaning it’s going to get scooped up asap.

The second home we toured had to be fast, as we got to the showing late – but the showing agent was kind enough to let us take a quick peek. It’s located out in Lisbon – on the border of Menomonee Falls and Sussex. It isn’t in our preferred neighborhood, but the lot with tons of trees and the larger rooms make up for it. Ā The main thing on Drew’s wish list is trees – he doesn’t like the look of a house that is brand new and has no landscaping. It’s a cape cod, but has two stories and has a great layout, wood floors, white trim, and a bonus sun room.

We’d love to buy it (after looking at it again), but we’ve got to get some other stuff handled first such as our first time home buying seminar, finishing up our downpayment and getting pre-approved. Fingers crossed some great homes stay on the market or they keep popping up for us.


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