Open House #4

Drew and I got a chance to visit another house in Pewaukee this weekend. This one is located in the subdivision called “Lake Park” which features close-together houses and small backyards. That basically turned us off right away. The house was very nice inside,  but could use some small updating. What was nice is that we are looking for two separate living spaces – that way I am not shunned to the bedroom every time Drew has friends over and they are playing video games. The extra living space was downstairs, however I’m so cautious when it comes to finished basements after I’ve watched too many scary Holmes on Homes shows. And I saw sloppy mistakes – thanks to my dad who trained me well by always pointing those out. If there are noticeable sloppy mistakes – I only wonder what sloppier mistakes are hidden 🙁

This open house was eye opening in that we really do like the one house we saw last week in Lisbon with the wooded lot. Drew just can’t get enough trees!

However, we specifically went to this open house because the listing realtor was one we previously met at another open house and wanted to reconnect with her. I’m pretty sure when we are officially ready to house hunt, we’ll use her.


2 thoughts on “Open House #4

  1. Hi Vanessa, I have loved your blog/website for a few years now and it has helped me navigate my way through buying a home in Boulder, CO and decorating it. I am mid century modern crazy and love adding those sort of touches into my home but did not buy a mid mod house and must negotiate the two styles carefully. Now I am working on my home’s exterior repainting, and replacing the siding and exterior light fixtures. How much do you charge for giving your advice on people’s residences specifically exterior curb appeal and exterior choices? What is your turn around time? I need to move relatively quickly now, I wish I had thought to reach out to you sooner to give us more time. I’m also a mom of two little ones 19 mos and 3 yrs old so I know how crazy buddy life gets! Hope to hear from you!

    Anna fernbach