Learning Patience – Home Buying

I’m learning patience when it comes to buying a house, here is why…

Once we decided we were going to go ahead to start saving for a down payment for our first house, I began researching like crazy just to keep my excited. However I may have gotten a little too excited because I began downloading all those real estate apps and began searching away. And then I saw a house that I absolutely love, it had the perfect location, perfect layout, awesome touches, and more. Here are the photos…

Problem is, we are in no way ready to buy yet. Number 1: We have no downpayment. Number 2: We just signed a year lease on our current apartment in March for June 2012 – June 2013. As much as I love this house, we know it’s just not the right time for us to buy a house, and it’s pretty much impossible.

So, we began thinking more and looking at our budgets, and we could potentially have enough saved up by spring 2013 to start looking for our first house, so that solves problem number one. But problem number two we are kicking ourselves now, wishing we’d had gone month-t0-month instead of the whole year lease, so we could get out early in case we find that perfect house right way. So to hopefully solve that problem, this weekend I actually contacted our apartment manager hoping we could switch our lease to go month-to-month, it since it hasn’t officially started, because I researched breaking your lease, and that seems like a worse idea. Fingers crossed they go for it!

So here’s the plan: Get our lease changed, in June meet with a lender to see what we all need to do to get to that point to purchase a home in Spring 2013, and make a home-needs checklist. And for myself, instead of researching actual homes to buy, to begin researching ways to improve our future home and other decorating ideas!

So coming up, I’ll be blogging all about our home buying progress along with ideas for transforming a house into our home – along with the usual blog stuff of our daily lives 🙂

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