Dreaming of a Kitchen

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t crushing on the Cape Cod house on Cherry Hill still – and the good news is, no one has bought it yet (keep your fingers crossed). So if we were to get that house I’ve been developing some ideas for the kitchen. It has great space, however so much of it is not utilized to it’s fullest potential.

My first step to transform it would be to paint the cupboards white. There is just something about a white kitchen I love. Then once we’ve saved enough bank, we’d do a larger renovation. In the meantime, I’ve been dreaming of the possibilties, and I’ve discovered the site Houzz, which has TONS of photos and great ideas if you are looking for house decorating ideas.

Here is an “ideabook” as Houzz calls it that, I’ve been saving some kitchens that I love to: (use the arrows at the bottom to navigate)

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