Minted + West Elm Challenge

So lately I’ve been spending less time on blogging, more time designing… my apologizes. Entering the challenges is a great “creative workout” for me – it breaks me of what I do daily at work to get my mind going in other directions creatively. It’s not uncommon for me to be brainstorming the whole way home each day for my next submission for minted. I am determined to finally win something (ps voting helps me win!).

While Drew was gone in China it gave me a LOT of extra free time, so that gave me time to submit a few design pieces and a few photography pieces to the Minted + West Elm art print challenge. I’ve been a fan of West Elm for awhile, I love their decor and I actually get their emails at work… mainly because I’m always looking for new email ideas for the marketing emails I create at work.

The pieces I submitted went in a few different directions because I’m still trying to see how my style fits in with minted’s style… so please check out my submissions along with style boards for how they could go with West Elm’s products.

100+ by Vanessa Wyler, see more art prints

100+ board by Vanessa Wyler. See more art prints

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