The Making of our Gallery Wall

Back in February we took a trip to Ikea when visiting my sister and brother in law who had just moved to IL. We purchased a bunch of frames to create a gallery wall in our living room that would hopefully fill a GIANT wall and not make it look so bare.

We hung the frames just in time for our life group, but lived with the fake ikea filler photos for about 6 months until we finally hung some art. Now I’m finally here to share the inspiration and the behind the scenes of making this gallery wall.

Let’s start with the largest piece. We took one of our engagement photos (shot by Valo Photography) and I added the text “Where there is Love, there is Life” on top of it.” I had Walmart print it in one of their poster sizes.
 Let’s move to the left – the piece of the yellow water style feather. During my search for ideas for art prints, I found a few freebies on the web. This was one I found but I edited it a bit to fit the color scheme I had going. You can download it here from the Oh So Lovely blog.

Below that is a three-photo frame. I wanted something that we could change out periodically – so the first photo will remain our wedding day (kind of like the start of our lives together) and then the last photo will change as we grow our family. Right now it’s a photo of us with our house, since that’s the stage where we are at right now. In the center is a print I made. I used the 53 paper app and drew the leafy thing and then added the “W” and “The Wylers est. 2010” in photoshop and had it printed at Walmart.
Now onto the right side of the wall, starting at the top is a piece I made out of paint color swatches. I have about a million of them from when we were selecting paint colors, so I just hand cut them out on a 12×12 sheet of paper and mounted them with some mounting strips. Here is where I got the inspiration to do that.

Then lastly, right below that piece is another piece I made. I love the look of forsythias. I had submitted something similar for but wasn’t selected (unfortunately), however when I was dreaming up this gallery wall I knew that piece would look great, but I knew I needed a bit more color to balance things out. I reversed the colors a bit and got this art print. Again I printed it as a large print at Walmart. Because I’m so nice, I actually have that art print for sale on Society6 currently, along with a forsythia pillow design. So if you’d also like a print like that for your home, please check it out!

I also took a few more of my “minted rejects” and added them for sale on Society6. Please check them out and feel free to “like them” 🙂


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    • They were a variety of sizes, in the Ribba style. The large square one is about 20×20 if that helps you reference the rest of them.