A Light 1.5 Years In the Making

When we first moved into our home almost a year and a half ago I knew the living room needed a huge statement light since the ceilings were so tall. So we picked out the Ikea Maskros light in the larger size. It’s basically a giant light that looks like an Allium. I loved it in the store, on blogs and I knew I’d love it in our home… so we bought it 1 and a half years ago.

Since then it’s been sitting in the living room behind a couch waiting for someone brave enough to hang it up. The delay in hanging it was because we thought we’d need scaffolding to swap out the existing ceiling fan and replace it with the light. Except, the last time my dad was over, he thought they may have a tall enough ladder at work and was willing to give it a shot!

Yesterday he brought it over and luckily enough it worked. He started the process of taking down the fan and switching out the wiring, and I started assembling all 160 paper flowers onto the giant fans that make up the ball. Then one by one I’d hand them to my dad and he’d snap them into place. I’m so thankful he did that part, I probably would have fainted from the height. So here it is…. (ps it looks way bigger in real life than in photos; it’s diameter is 32″!)

I love how it fills the void that is the huge walls and fireplace since you just can’t fill every little space with a photo or piece of artwork. What is also cool is when you turn on the light at night. Picture giant flowers projected all around the room. We could totally have a dance party, just put the light on a motor!

9 thoughts on “A Light 1.5 Years In the Making

  1. Looks amazing. And I love the grey and yellow. Cool and sunny at the same timeโ€ฆ I’m so jealous of people with high ceilings –ours are low and leave no room whatsoever for pendants, statement or otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Hi, just curious here, do you by any chance get annoyed at the shadows from the paper flowers? I have always loved this light but am worried about the shadows annoying me!

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  4. Love your room..where did you buy the rug from? I’m looking for something like it for my family room..

  5. I love your living room and have been thinking of redecorating our room in yellow and grey as well. Would you mind telling me where you purchased this rug? Thanks!