A Minted Holiday!

Guys, I’m really excited to share something with you all! This past year I’ve been submitted designs to minted.com challenges. My main goals were to bring in a little extra money for our house reno projects + stretch me as a designer.

For the first part of the year, I was really growing as a designer and trying new things as I entered into the Minted challenges. Then finally I found out I would have four of my designs in their 2013 Holiday Collection! That meant prize money and commission. Cha-ching. Cha-cing.

While having four designs in their program seems amazing now, it was not always easy. To be honest I was really discouraged thru most of the year with my minted entries. I would spend almost every night working on them and see the same few winners win and felt like I’d never win. But I was determined to win and I’m glad I stayed the course. They have a great community forum section and I also recently discovered it took most people a year or so of submitting to finally win.

Now that I’ve won four, I feel much more confident and determined to keep submitting. I’ve really grown as a designer this year and I’m thankful for the opportunity to submit all 61 of those entries even if I didn’t win all of them.

But now seriously, go check out my winnings and share them! PS I’m also open to design custom Christmas cards this winter – so don’t hesitate to contact me with some ideas!

plaid red gray holiday christmas card

mail vintage holiday christmas card stripesmail vintage holiday christmas card stripes LOOKING BACK TIMELINE
timeline christmas holiday card business cardtimeline christmas holiday card business card COMPANY YEAR IN REVIEW
business holiday christmas card that shows stats and figuresbusiness holiday christmas card that shows stats and figures

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