18 Weeks

Today I’m 18 weeks. And even though I still get comments all the time that I’m not showing yet, I feel like I am. My clothes definitely are starting to get tighter!

This Friday we have another dr appointment along with our anatomy scan/ultrasound. I always look forward to them since that’s really the only time you are re-assured, yup I’m pregnant. We’ll also have the dr verify that it is a girl again from our early gender ultrasound.

I also think I’m starting to feel the baby move a bit. It’s very faint flutters so far, but I know in just about 2 weeks or so I’ll feel full on kicks and I won’t be able to deny it! Only 22 weeks until she’s here, which is kind of crazy when you think about it. I’ve already started making a list of things we need to do/finish before she’s here so that this summer and the following 6 months we don’t have any house projects and we can just eat it all up.

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