Kitchen Countertops

This post is very belated, but finally, here are photos of our kitchen countertops, sink and new faucet! (Nevermind some of the clutter like cereal boxes, I don’t live in a magazine house)

We went with WilsonArt Laminate in the Pearl Soapstone finish. We chose the “self edge” so that it would look more like concrete. Our sink is a Karran under-mounted quartz sink which we love the under-mount feature and the color. It’s so nice to just be able to wipe stuff in the sink from the counter. It’s also a lot bigger and deeper than our last sink, so it’ll be perfect for baby’s bath-time! Our faucet is called Kohler Simplice and we love the pull down spray feature + stainless steel finish. It’s super fancy compared to our old sink/faucet set up. We feel like a million bucks.

We also replaced the garbage disposal because it was so corroded when we had to take it apart for the new sink. Unfortunately a few days after we installed it there was an issue with the motor and then had to replace it again! Fun stuff – now we’re still double checking for leaks, but so far, it seems like everything is good and set. Overall we are super happy with how it all turned out!

Next up, the backsplash!

15 thoughts on “Kitchen Countertops

  1. I was told from a guy at a home improvement box store that I could not have and undermount sink with laminate! Yours looks great. Now who is fooling who? Are you satisfied with an undermount sink on laminate. Your kitchen is beautiful!

    • We got our sink and countertop thru Home Depot, but many other local smaller places use Karran sinks to do the undermount with laminate. Go to Karran’s site and you can find retailers near you.

      We love it and it’s held up great so far, it was a bit pricey though, but overall cheaper than a solid surface and undermount sink.

  2. What Karran sink did you buy? It looks like the Q-45? Someone from Karran told me that that particular sink would not work with laminate countertops and I would need the Q-350

  3. Hi Vanessa,
    I stumbled onto your blog after searching “pearl soapstone laminate” and I’m so glad that I did. Your kitchen looks beautiful! We’re in the middle of gutting our entire house and I’m in full kitchen planning mode. We already bought hand scrapped hickory flooring that looks similar to yours and the same faucet! I’m giddy looking at your pictures thinking that that will be me soon. Thank you for sharing. I am definitely going to check out the laminate after seeing how lovely it looks in your kitchen.

    • Glad I could help you put the big picture together! I love our kitchen so much and don’t have any complaints about the materials šŸ™‚

  4. Awesome kitchen reno! Did you write a post about your cost? I would LOVE to know how much you spent on countertops! Thanks in advance ā˜ŗ

    • We didn’t keep a close track of expenses, I’d say overall the entire kitchen reno was under $5k thanks to the fact that we did a lot of the work ourselves. I think the countertops were around $1500 but that also included the sink and installation.

  5. Hey Vanessa,

    Really like the laminate you chose, I’ve been looking into DIY concrete countertops but you’ve got me second guessing. The only thing I’m concerned with is the durability of laminate, how are yours holding up? BTW love the yellow accents in your kitchen, those bar stools are awesome.

    • Our laminate is holding up great, no issues what-so-ever! I’ve always grown up with laminate in my homes and have never had any issues.

  6. It is exciting to see the laminate stigma disappearing. Once I found out that an undercounter sink was feasible, I embraced the practical and economic laminate option for my kitchen remodel. Love your backsplash choice and look forward to pictures…could you please supply name of tile product?

    • Thanks for the compliments. Our backsplash is from The Tile Shop and its the Moss Penny Rounds. Online they look green but in person they are gray. We love our kitchen šŸ™‚