Pretty Peonies

When we first toured our home during an open house¬†last year, I had spotted the peony bushes and was in love from that moment on. Since purchasing the house and moving in, I’ve been waiting all year for these babies to bloom. Like literally looking out the window each day in hopes for buds to magically be there.

Well it has been worth the wait! Four bushes of peonies in white, light pink, pink and dark pink graced our backyard along our fence for a week or so before the unfortunate rain destroyed them (lesson learned, I need to use tomato planting cages next year to support them better). Either way, you bet I was outside each day taking photos of the new buds opening each day.

I also took the opportunity to enjoy them inside at home and work¬†(see instagram). Totally worth the wait, and I already can’t wait for next year!

One thought on “Pretty Peonies

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