Favorite Reads (aka blogs)

Not sure if it’s just our generation or what, but Drew and I are huge blog readers, obviously different genres of blogs though. Drew tends to read the tech blogs regarding everything from phone software, video games and computer things. While I’m a techy person, my blogs tend to be those related to design, design as in graphic design, home design, diy, and fashion blogs.

I’m assuming you are a blog reader hence why you are reading this, so I thought we’d share a few of our favorites and hopefully you can find a new favorite to follow along with this year…

Here are the links if you want to check them out…
Drew: theverge.com | imore.com | androidcentral.com | droidlife.com | anandtech.com
Vanessa: younghouselove.com | reidmore.me | mashable.com | bowerpowerblog.com | promisetangemanblog.com

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