Kitchen Island & Lights

When you last saw our kitchen, we had just finished putting in the wood floors. What an amazing difference that made! Now I’m back with an update on how it’s looking today… ta da!

We’ve since added the big eat-in island, yellow stools and swapped out the lighting! First up was the island. We bought stair posts that we cut to size to use as the legs (and when I refer to we, I mean my dad). Then my dad made a frame to support the countertop. And while we’re waiting for our countertops, he added a plywood top so we could still utilize the island. And man is it sturdy! Plus, check out the stools I spray painted yellow during the summer. They started off as those school lab stools.

The next weekend, my dad took down the one (way ugly) ceiling light and then the fan with a light. Instead we replaced them with pendants over the island and two pot/can lights. It’s amazing how different lighting really changes a space. It’s a million times brighter and just all around better atmosphere thanks to the pendants.

And yes to a few questions I’m sure some of you have… yes we have patch the ceiling still and repaint it (boo) and yes there are christmas lights still drawn on our chalkboard. I need to grow taller to reach that to erase it.

So next up is painting the legs and island (which I’ve currently primed and painted one coat so far, hopefully I’ll finish that this week). Then we need to order our countertops this week, along with a new sink and faucet. Then the exciting backsplash and eventually painting the ceiling. So close! And to remind you where we started, here is the before…

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