Life Indoors

Well… it’s officially freezing out. As pretty as fall is with the changing leaves and all, the cold temps really bring me down. I live for summer! I love the warmth, the growth, the sunshine, the long days and the beach. I especially am a fan of the fact that things outside are growing and full of life: the trees, flowers, grass, bushes and wildlife. In fall and winter, I can’t help but feel a little depressed looking out my window and seeing everything dying and/or dead.

To keep my spirits up, I’ve been trying to introduce some greenery inside: plants, trees, grass whatever. For awhile, I actually had live plants in our house. A couple succulents from Ikea, an indoor fern and an elephant ear from work. However, as much as I love the live plants, my lack of remembering to take care of them (ahem, watering them) took it’s toll and I now have a couple of brown dead plants in my house right now. It’s basically fall inside too, lovely.

Since it seems that our lives only tend to get busier and busier, I’m committing to sticking to the faux route from now on. Seriously… how easy is it to buy a fake plant, put it in a pot or vase and call it done. Easier than making yourself a bowl of cereal, and that is easy my friends.

I recently did a photoshoot for some fake terrariums for work and styled them in our home. After seeing the photos, I thought, wow I better get some of my own. I already have a few fake plants from ikea that I love, but I’m thinking I should get some more (just none of that fake ivy stuff you see in your grandma’s house). For the photoshoot, I loved adding them to my bookshelves or using as centerpieces.

PS don’t these look really real too?!

2 thoughts on “Life Indoors

  1. The fake terrariums are from your work? Or for your work? I love them… where did you get them?