Eating for Two – Thanksgiving 2013


Sooo excited to finally share this secret we’ve been keeping…this Thanksgiving I’ll be eating for two! Drew will probably also be eating for two, but he just likes to eat a lot 🙂

Today our little baby is 11 weeks and 5 days. Last week, we had our first ultrasound, so here he/she is at 10 week 4 days. It was so surreal to see it wiggle its little body all around while the tech took a million measurements. We also got to hear the strong heartbeat.

ultrasound 10 weeks

It’s also fun to be pregnant at the same time my sister is. I’m able to text her about every little question like… does it hurt when you sneeze and so on. Our little kids are going to be bffs.

Drew and I are pretty excited and still hasn’t hit us 100% that we’ll be parents, but we’re looking forward to the next 6 months and years to come!

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