35 Weeks

Our baby girl is 35 weeks!

This week was quite a week! On Wednesday our baby girl’s BFF cousin was born and we got to see our little girl’s 3D ultrasound on Thursday, then Saturday got to meet little Charleigh Mae.

Here are some snapshots of how our baby girl is growing. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a great shot because she is still breech and had her feet and hands in her face the entire time.¬†Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to be surprised when she’s born!

Since I’m trying to save up all my vacation time, I didn’t get to be at the hospital when Charleigh arrived like I did for Reese. So Saturday my dad and I drove down to spend the day down there and came back Sunday morning. We had a little quality auntie time and also tried to get some newborn photos of her, however 3 day old babies don’t always cooperate. This one I think is one of my faves, but I still need to sort thru the rest and will post those later!

PS It’s a lot harder to hold babies and toddlers with a big belly!

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