It’s a…

It’s a…GIRL!

Reese (our niece) is pretty excited about having two baby girls to hold next year (one her baby sister and one her baby cousin). The baby girls will be about six weeks apart so we pretty much are already betting they will be BFFs.

Drew and I are also very excited and we were actually both surprised, because we both thought the baby would be a boy…. due to dreams of having a boy and being sick so much. But on the inside I was hoping for a girl and Drew was hoping for a boy, but we are most thankful for healthy baby.

We found out at 15 weeks (last Saturday) because we went to an early gender ultrasound and 3d appointment. A lot of people claim that you can’t tell gender 100% at that point, but with the added 3D, us and the ultrasound tech are able to see full on what’s happening down there. Our tech said she was 100% certain it was a girl because of the way she was positioned and the fact that she was moving so we got a full view of everything. But just in case, we have our normal anatomy scan appointment coming up on January 17 (18w6d), so we’ll confirm it’s  a girl, but we feel very confident in what we and the tech saw.

I keep telling Drew at least Eddy is a boy… but maybe next time!

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