19 Weeks!

Today marks 19 weeks pregnant… only 21 to go!

Yesterday we had our anatomy scan/ultrasound. It’s where they measure every little tiny thing, such as legs, arms, head, stomach, heart, liver, kidneys. That also means we got to see our baby for quite some time. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to eat a snack on the way to the appointment. I was hoping it would give her a little boost to move around. So instead she was sleeping in the most uncomfortable positions. Like completely folded in half with her feet above her head. Towards the end of the appointment she started moving a tiny bit and would suck on her toes.

The tech also confirmed it was a girl (we didn’t even tell her we already knew) so I feel pretty comfortable purchasing all the girl stuff now. Now, we just have to narrow down the name!

I think Eddy will be a good big brother, the way he always has to check out all the stuff we buy for her, or the fact that he kept trying to get in the photos above. Though he is totally terrified of the Mamaroo.

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