Typography Room

A whole year or so ago began this quest to make a wall that had a bunch of typography on it. It is super close to being done. Just ran a few pieces short of the 3M sticky stuff that doesn’t ruin your walls. I’ll show you the process in photos. A special shout out to my husband, Drew for helping me hang them up on the walls. I would not have been able to do it without his expertise! And my parents for purchasing and hunting down all the letters for me!

typography themed room

diy typography room

diy spray painting letters typography room

typography room set up

typography room process

typography room finished!

So I am missing three letters, and you can probably tell where, they are the big letters too. I will post the completely finished piece along with more pictures or our apartment. Below is a mishap I came across while doing this project. No clue why either.

typography room oops

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