House Tour – February 2013

Soo every other Friday night we get to host a bunch of fun people our age over at our home to play games and hang out – what our church calls a lifegroup. Our last one was a blast, and Drew and I are looking forward to next Friday. However having 15-20 people over every other week has made me obviously clean a bit more.

I’d like to say we’re just keeping things neat and tidy so that we don’t have to do a huge clean each week, but so far we aren’t there yet. And because I have my house super picked up and everything put away every other week now, I’ll be trying to take more update photos of how our house is coming along.

So last Saturday morning since everything was clean still, I went around with the camera real quick and snapped these – enjoy! PS this totally makes me see all the spots I missed cleaning… oh well, too late now. Like check out the dust on the window in the kitchen. Woops!

As you can see, a lot is a work in progress. This summer we’ll do our big kitchen reno (think white cabinets, gray countertop, wood floor, penny tile backsplash). The living room needs things put in those frame and then the family room needs some good design thought into it. It has basically just received all of our leftovers for furniture and decor – hopefully some day I will get to that space to improve it. Just looking at it now in these photos I cringe and debated including them.

But a house is all about making it a home, so I included them…

13 thoughts on “House Tour – February 2013

    • Our gray couch is from Ikea – it’s the Karlstad corner sofa + chaise add-on.

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  3. Beautiful! My family and I just recently bought a house, and all of these pictures reflect so much of what I’m attempting to bring to our home, little by little. You gave me more ideas to be on the look out for…thanks for posting!

    • We made them ourselves, but it’s a Dwell Studio fabric. I purchased the fabric from