Catching Up

So remember that long time ago, before I was married. It seems like forever ago, but we needed dressers. My aunt found some from Goodwill for us, and loved the construction of them, just not their appearance. Here they are.
dresser redo diydiy dresser sanding

So my dad sanded them and refinished them beautifully. Then I went to Hobby Lobby to pick out neat handles. So here they are!
chocolate brown diy dresserschocolate brown diy dresserschocolate brown dressersknobs to match brown dresserdresser decoreddy the kittyMy cat had to get in on his photo opp. Also, don’t you just hate these white walls. It drives me nuts everyday. If I could I’d paint a huge wall with that chalkboard paint, I so would. Don’t think apartment people would appreciate it though.

Also, here are some other shots of some DIYs that I did when it was a lot warmer out and haven’t gotten around to posting. And notice we finally got some of our wedding photos in frames!

spray painting picture frames

I turned our red frames from our wedding into yellow ones!

spray painting frames yellow

once red, now yellow!

mantel decor ideas

our lovely fireplace, that still needs working on.

spray painting terra cotta pots

was orange terra-cotta, now green

green decor photo frame pot aloe plant cactus

now holds my aloe plant, which i bought thinking it was a cactus

grocery store wedding photos in kitchen

wedding photos... perfect for the kitchen!

spray painting lamps

once dark green, now brown

spray painting lettersspray painting lettersfinished typography wallfinished typography wall family roompier 1 pillowsmantel decor

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