Weekend Happenings – Reno Style

There are less than 14 weeks/weekends until baby girl’s due date and our list is pretty long of things we want to accomplish before she makes her appearance. Each weekend it’s our goal to get one main thing done, and it doesn’t hurt if we can chip away at anything else. Just call us the weekend warriors.

Here is our list that we made a few weeks ago…

  • Paint kitchen ceiling
  • Seal tile/grout backsplash in kitchen
  • Replace 4 doors upstairs (2 done, 2 to go)
  • Bathroom remodel
    • Tear out step & shower
    • Paint Vanity (half done)
    • Re-tile shower
    • Tile the floor
    • Replace countertop
    • Paint the walls
    • Hang new mirror
  • Clean up garage & basement

We shared last week of how we tore out the step and were glad to find no dead bodies. This weekend Drew took care of ripping out the actual shower drywall and tile, while I was taking maternity photos for Becky. We thought we’d first remove the tile and see if the drywall could be spared, but unfortunately it was extremely hard to just remove the tile and then once we found mold behind one of the walls from cracked grout, we decided it was best for it all to go. The good news is the studs are perfectly fine since that one wall was sealed with plastic because it’s an outside wall with insulation.

Here are the photos Drew sent me while tearing it out. Yuck…

And now here it is all gone!

While Drew was working on that task, my dad was working on replacing the doors. We are replacing a couple of them because they were extremely warped, for example our cat could open the nursery door because it wouldn’t fully close. We got two of the four rehung this weekend, but still have to also rehang up the outer trim. If you know my dad he is a perfectionist, so man those doors are perfectly square and level!

And while we’re chipping away at projects, unfortunately the nursery becomes the dumping ground for supplies…

Next weekend is my baby shower (so excited) and we’re hoping my dad and Drew can finish hanging the rest of the doors and maybe, just maybe get started on rehanging the waterproof backer board for the shower.

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