Blast from the Past: Close Sisters

Me and my little sister Becky never really used to get along. She’d pick on me and beat me up, and yes you heard that right. Since we’ve all grown up a bit, got married, and now she’s become a mom – we tend to get along much better. All four of us actually enjoy hanging out together, they have become my closest friends.

Her husband, Josh is currently looking for a position as a children’s pastors. They’ve considered a few churches in other states and that honestly didn’t sit well with me. You’d think way back when we wouldn’t have cared where we all end up when we were grown up, but now that we all have our own lives, I’m glad we are all so close, and location-close. I couldn’t imagine them not being here for the day-to-day stuff + I do think it would be neat for all the cousins (all our future kids) to be able to grow up as close friends.

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