Things to Do When We Finally Own a Home

I’ve been thinking about this list lately, all the new things we can do that we couldn’t do while we were renting our apartment. Most of these things are simple, not awesome things, but when you haven’t been able to do them for 2+ years, you start to appreciate them! Here it goes…

Things to Do When We Finally Own a Home
Paint the Walls: you have no idea how much this was killing me, especially being a graphic designer. I tried my best to decorate around off-white walls or add a backsplash made of place mats from target.

– Play Dance Central and actually jump, not fake it: Due to the fact we have neighbors below us, every time we’d play, we’d pretend jump. It was seriously hurting our scores. Plus, we hope to have more space to spread out and play.

Use the Grill on our Patio: Our apartment complex only lets you use your grill on a paved surface, meaning our driveway. Yea, not quite the idea of the perfect bbq.

Make pizza that isn’t burnt on the outside and frozen on the inside: We seriously gave up trying to cook frozen pizza in our oven because something was wrong with it. We think it can’t maintain a constant temp, just keeps rising which is frustrating when cooking.

Have a real garden, not a planter garden: I have to tell customers at work to not plant things in pots due to bulbs rotting in them, yet I followed my own bad advice. I can’t wait until I can creatively design a bulb garden this fall! I also won’t be giving my neighbors a shower every time I water my plants – yea that really happened.

Vacuum whenever I want: Not that I enjoy this much, but seriously I don’t have to worry about if the neighbors are sleeping and I’m disturbing them.

Not be the loudiness police: Every time we had company over I felt like I had to make sure no one was being super loud, stomping their feet (Drew and his friends do while playing video games). I hated the thought of being the loud neighbors.

I’ll be adding to this list, don’t you worry!

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