House Hunting Update

I feel like so much has happened since we last shared about our home search! Soo let me catch you all up.

First Time Home Buying Seminar – July 11

We had been talking for awhile that we signed up for this short seminar through Landmark Credit Union. It proved to be very helpful, as they had a realtor, home inspector, home insurance rep, and a loan officer all at the meeting to share the important home buying stuff. We particularly liked the financing part to get a better understand of that. We’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a little more about the process!

Pre-Approval Meeting #1 – July 13

We met with a super nice loan officer named Gustavo at Landmark Credit Union to being the process of getting pre-approved. Everything checked out real nicely besides one thing we had to get removed from his credit report that was majorly bringing down his scores. So before we could get the pre-approval letter, we had to fix that issue and come back another time.

Open House #4 – July 15

I’m not even going to bother posting photos, because we liked it 0%. It was just way too small and way outdated – like it had brand new carpeting, but it was a horrible blue. Sooo we just looked around, smiled and then left asap. No thanks little house with blue carpeting. You are not for us.

Meeting with Realtor – July 17

We met with a realtor, Sam, we had previously met at two open houses that we wanted to work with. There she explained the whole buyer agency contract and how she’ll help us find our perfect home. She then asked about what we were looking for and we showed her our favorite Cherry Hill house (just love that one!). She was then going to get us hooked up with the MLS database so we could do some more house hunting online. We also emailed her that night a list of homes we’d like to see asap. We’re hoping to be able to go out to look on Saturday or Sunday!

Credit Report Cleared – July 18

WOOT! I just checked Drew’s credit reports at lunch and was thrilled to see that the account we needed removed was gone and we were set to set up a time to meet with Gustavo, our loan officer. I just emailed him during my lunch and now waiting to hear back when we can meet!

It’s all going to sooo fast – but it’s so exciting at the same time. We’ll keep you updated on our house hunt goes! Stay tuned friends 🙂

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