Cherry Hill House Update

cherryhill house hunting

Things are happening so fast!

House Hunting Day 1 – Friday, June 20

Our agent made 3 appointments for us to check out on Friday night. Drew and I grabbed dinner at Panda Express before and while there, we got a call from our lender saying we were pre-approved for the 3% down 30 year conventional loan through Landmark Credit Union – wooot! Then we checked out our favorite Cherry Hill house first, while we did find some concern such as water on the ceiling and basement, we were still in love. Then we checked out a house on Canyon Meadows in Sussex. The house itself was perfect, however it was literally right next to train tracks and we heard from a neighbor they come almost every hour. So that one was immediately off our list. Then we went to another house in Sussex, on Oak Lane. However, the minute we stepped in, it was a no. The owners are heavy smokers and we can’t imagine living in that stink. Plus it didn’t have central air or natural gas.

House Hunting Day 2 – Saturday, June 21

We met our agent out at 10am to check out three other houses. One was a tri-level that we like from day one, but we had to pass due to the neighbor hood not being in a great location for resale. The next house, Drew actually liked, but there was something about it that I didn’t like as much compared to Cherry Hill – and it had blue ceramic floors – so weird. Then the last house was a house my family has wanted us to buy because it had an in ground pool. After seeing the yard and the home we realized it was way too much maintenance for the two of us!

So after thinking about it, Drew and I decided we’d like my parents to come see the house. My dad has a great eye for house issues and wouldn’t buy a house without him looking at it. While he did see some issues in the roof, in the offer they are putting on a new roof before closing, so we’re going on a limb hoping it fixes those issues. The owners are also throwing in a home warranty, so that gives us more peace of mind.

I talked to our agent tonight and she’s writing up an offer for us. Tomorrow we’ll review it, then submit it! Can’t wait to share more!

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