Emerald – 11 Months

It can’t be, this little girl is 11 months, meaning she is almost one year old!

This girl is all.over.the.place! She’s pulling up on everything especially when she is trying to find the remote, a cell phone, watch bubble guppies or wants to sit on our laps.

She is a pretty good eater, especially her favorites like cheerios, yogurt, carrots, and anything with fruit in it – uh oh, she’s got a sweet tooth already! Speaking of she has 5 teeth already and it’s looking like lots more are about to come in – thankfully she is a great teether – and sleeper, I’m not sure how we got so lucky!

She says a few more words this month: mama, yaya, baba, adah, and a few other things we can’t quite make out yet.

She loves that the weather is warming up and we can venture outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes to swing or play in the grass. She loves taking walks to the beach especially when we get ice cream and share a few bites with her.

This little girl is constantly making us laugh with her personality coming through more everyday, but with that comes a little bit of a temper when she doesn’t get her way or we don’t let her do things she’s not supposed to. She listens well when we say “no” but also says no to herself when she does something she’s not supposed to be doing, little stinker. But oh how we love her so!

It’s getting much harder to take monthly photos of her – we usually have to bribe her with food now!


And here’s a day in the life of Emerald…

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