Emerald – 9 Months Old!

Oh man this girl… we can’t believe that she’s already 9 months old!

If you asked me my favorite baby stage so far, I’d probably say the current stage every time, but for real this 9 month old is a dream. She’s an amazing sleeper, eats and nurses great, loves to play and explore new things, loves to cuddle and laugh and smile and she’s still not crawling yet, so that’s kind of helpful (not saying I’ve been pushing her to crawl the past few weeks) since she’s immobile for the most part.

She weighs about 17-ish lbs (she’ll go to the doctor next week) and is wearing 6-9 month clothes. She’s got two bottom teeth but the top two are so close to coming in. She loves to eat baby food (her favorites are fruit like bananas, apples and pears) but she’ll eat vegetables ok, her favorite being sweet potato. She also loves to snack on yogurt, crackers and cheerios. Her favorite toy is anything that makes noise when you shake it.

Happy 9 months baby girl, we love you!


She sometimes gets annoyed with my taking photos of her, so enjoy these outtakes.

And here’s a day in the life of little miss Emerald:

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