Emerald – Two Months

Our baby girl is two months old already, time please slow down!

At her two month check-up, she weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 21.75″ long (she also got three shots and one oral vaccine, poor baby!). ┬áLately she’s been sleeping 8 hours at night, even though our doctor wasn’t a fan of that, but since this girl is continuing to gain about an ounce a day, we won’t wake her! She also started social smiling around 6 weeks, and it’s the best thing ever. It’s like “hey, she actually likes us” ­čÖé

Other milestones this month include gaining more head control and being able to hold herself up on her tummy with her arms. She also took three bottles in one day when Drew and I went to six flags for the day and she hung out with my mom all day. She is a super eater and drank about 5oz each time, wowzers. Glad she doesn’t mind bottles since she’ll be getting three a day when I go back to work soon.

We made this video of her at two months so we can look back some day and cherish all these little moments.


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