Emerald – 8 Months

Happy 8 Months Baby Girl!

These months are going by too fast!

Emerald hasn’t been to the doctor since her 6 month check up, so our best guess is she weighs about 16 lbs. She’s just growing out of her 6 month clothes and starting to wear her 9 month ones. She loves to eat solid food now, her favorites are bananas, squash, crackers, yogurt drops, puffs and loves when mom and dad share food with her like french fries and green beans.

She loves to clap and jump and is starting to scoot around – good thing we got one baby gate up! She’s still a great sleeper and we are all thankful for that! Her favorite word is still “dada” but is starting to learn a few sounds such as “shh”.

She ended her 7 month by getting the stomach flu and passing it on to her mama – thank goodness daddy takes such good care of us!

“Ok mom, enough photos”

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