21 Weeks

Today marks 21 weeks, only 19 more to go!

21 weeks pregnant

I’d have to say this week was pretty un-eventful baby-wise. I did however start cleaning out the nursery a bit more and finished painting the window frame white (that I started over a year ago). What’s left to do? Paint the ceiling, purchase theĀ crib (when it finally comes back in stock), hang some decor up on the walls and then organize all her things.

This nursery business is a piece of cake compared to the rest of our “to-do list before baby” that would include…

  • Paint kitchen ceiling
  • Seal tile/grout backsplash in kitchen
  • Replace 4 doors upstairs
  • Bathroom remodel (tear out and re-tile shower, tile the floor, paint the vanity, replace countertop, paint the walls, yikes!)
  • Clean garage & basement

Fingers crossed we can finish in time!

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